Cras commodo sapien

Image Minor, short-term aching pains can also be with caries; spontaneous. This woe occurs in the tooth on its own, without any irritants or causes. It is usually powerful and desire lasting. Typical for exacerbation of pulpitis; pulsating. These painful sensations are associated with the air of serous or purulent exudate in the tap root canals. The throbbing pain in the tooth is totally consuming and prolonged; short-term.

Most continually it occurs as a reaction to chemical or thermal stimuli. It is characteristic of the carious process. In requital for a setting aside time, robust teeth can also behave to a absolutely strong biting irritant.

Toothache symptoms.

Image carious manipulate; pulpitis - infection of the heart of the tooth; periodontitis - inflammation of the periodontal tissues; periodontitis - swelling of the periodontal tissues; trauma to the teeth; hyperesthesia of the enamel due to non-carious lesions; alveolitis - infection of the tooth socket after extraction; pericoronitis - sensitive expulsion of insight teeth; myofascial dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint. neuralgia of the defective or third branches of the trigeminal nerve; neuralgia or neuropathy of the cranial nerves; migraine; seditious diseases of the ENT organs: otitis media, sinusitis, pharyngitis; osteochondrosis of the cervical spiculum; atypical no doubt of myocardial infarction (then pain radiates to the put down jaw on the hand).

So, the causes of toothache can be divided into two mainly groups: odontogenic (associated with the teeth) and non-odontogenic (not associated with the teeth).